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Alessandro Ghio is a Lecturer (Tenured Assistant Professor) at Monash University (Melbourne, Australia).

His scholarly activity aims to tackle relevant and timely social issues in business to ultimately contribute to a better and more sustainable society. His work lies the intersection of the sociology of professions, accounting systems and, institutional analysis. In particular, he focuses on two areas:

1. Diversity in professional service firms, i.e., practices supporting women accountants, LGBTQI+ in the accounting profession, Indigenous learning;

2. The evolution of corporate reporting, i.e., social media disclosure, accountability and CSR reporting, and accounting standards harmonization.

Alessandro works as a pioneer and social advocate in Monash University to develop business education programs that focus on innovation, creativity and leadership among students. He creates transformative learning that provides the space for students to grow as professional, active members of society. His work has been significantly recognised worldwide, including receiving the prestigious 2019 Aspen Institute Global Award ‘Ideas Worth Teaching’ (NYC, USA).

He is the co-instigator of the project “Queering Accounting” and he has led and/or taken key roles in competitive research funded projects equating to over one million Australian dollars. He is regularly invited by the accounting professional bodies and Big4 to develop and facilitate workshops on diversity in business.

Alessandro has published in several academic journals including Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management Inquiry, and Accounting and Business Research and he co-authored a book on The Evolution of Corporate Disclosure (Springer). Alessandro received the Best Paper Award at the 2018 IAAER World Congress. Alessandro is a board member of Accounting Forum and Journal of Management and Governance. He has been an ad-hoc reviewer for Management Science, European Accounting Review, Journal of Financial Stability, and Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

Alessandro Ghio

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