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Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference – CPA 2023

Every three years, the Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference brings together accounting faculty, students and emerging scholars, as well as researchers from other disciplines who are interested in critical accounting research. The Conference aims to keep building and consolidating the network of active supporters of critical accounting scholarship. It also seeks to encourage critical reflexivity on the development of accounting prescriptions and the practice of accounting in a world facing a multitude of challenges. Further, the Conference aims to generate substantive conversations on how accounting might be improved in the hope of constructing a better and fairer world. The 2023 CPA Conference will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, at the School of Business and Accounting of National University of Colombia (in Spanish, Universidad Nacional de Colombia). Organizing the Conference in Latin America brings new challenges and opportunities to the CPA community to broadening the accounting research scope and discussions.

Conference website:
Call for papers HERE

Pleanary session video from CPA conference 2023 in Bogotá

"Questioning on Decoloniality - Recoloniality Problem and Pitfalls" by Associate Professor Fernanda Sauerbronn, Universidad Federal De, Rio de Janeiro

pleanary session video from CPA conference 2023 in Bogotá

"Critical Accounting for the Invisible Costs of Knowledge Production" by Associate Professor Leslie Chan, University of Toronto

Panel discussion on Accounting Education held at CPA conference 2023

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