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Interdisciplinary Perspectives SIG - BAFA

British Accounting and Finance Association


Interdisciplinary research in accounting and finance and related areas is a major research activity. It contributes a range of insights towards understanding and shaping the role of accounting, finance and related practices for individuals and in in organisations and society. Critical and interdisciplinary researchers are committed to the notion that a better 'accounting' can serve a better society or global context.

The Interdisciplinary Perspectives SIG was founded in 1997 in order to promote interdisciplinary and critical research within the British Accounting and Finance Association.  The group has over 600 members, the vast majority of whom are active in many fields of research and scholarship. Through regular workshops and events, the SIG provides a forum for interdisciplinary and critical scholars to meet, present and discuss their research. It is of particular value to early career academics and PhD students who appreciate the relaxed, collegiate atmosphere. The SIG also organises a plenary session at the BAFA Annual Conference.

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